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While exploring various approaches to painting, Bjørn Tore Stavang also questions social and cultural conventions. His motives often include elements of interiors or city spaces. We recognize these spaces, but there is something disturbingly off in the depiction.
With his naturalistic imagery, Stavang shows a close tie to the tradition of painting. Where true depiction of reality was an ideal in painting for a long time, Stavang seeks to unveil the illusion. 1:1 scale, in combination with three-dimensional elements, makes the pictures part of our reality
as we become part of theirs. The illusion is convincing, but by closer examination we see flaws in the apparently perfect depiction. Mirroring plays an important role in this unveiling. The pictures, be it photo collage or painting, are filled with reflections. Traditionally the mirror has been
mirrors   a symbol of truth. It is said that a mirror does not lie. Through the mirror, Stavang unveils something in our surroundings and in society that we otherwise might be blind to. (Torill Østby Haaland, exhibition manager at NNKS)
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